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Introducing Bedroom Number Two


horeshoeSo, a lot’s happened. Again. As I get further into this process, the more I think it’s like being in a snowball. But you don’t realise you’re in a snowball for a long time. And then all of a sudden, it’s getting bigger and you’re going faster than you thought you were.

The big news is that we’ve moved into our ‘family home’. Think less town centre and more village ┬ávibing. It’s like that. We love the house and it’s all coming together nicely. But there’s one room that remains ominously bare. There are no curtains. No lampshades. No nothing. Bedroom Number Two is for you know who. It’s a declaration of sorts to everyone who visits. And a continual reminder to ourselves. We’ve even inherited a horseshoe on the door. That’s got to be good, right?

If our adoption journey was a film, we’d be in the hilarious preparation montage section right now, goofing around doing DIY and daubing paint on each other’s noses. In practical terms, we’re ready to take delivery. Which is, I guess, why the snowball is getting bigger and bolder. It’s all happening so quickly now that it’s been difficult to keep up. That’s why the next few posts are retrospective I’m afraid. What can you do? Them’s the breaks.

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